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Marari Beach Resort, Mararikulam

Meet euphoria at the Marari Beach Resort. Situated in God's Own Country -Kerala, this luxurious resort cum spa is based on theme of a traditional fishing village with thatched villas that give you the feel of a local village style. The recreation at the spa offers harmonious ways to make life more energetic and beautiful.

Features of Marari Beach Resort
Spread across 55 acres of tropical gardens, outlying lotus ponds and murmuring coconut groves, it is an all luxury resort. Its scenic location is the reason behind its popularity among tourists who come from all over to experience the eternity of life. Its 52 spacious villas ensure lavishness, privacy and most importantly it gives you time to discover the essence of your existence. The Ayurveda center of the resort runs under the guidance of a skilled vaidyan (Physician). Other recreation activities include swimming, Beach Volleyball and cycling.

Ayurveda at Marari Beach Resort
Marari Beach Resort owes quite a good rapport when it comes to providing quality Ayurveda treatments. You get a full interaction session with the expert Vaidyan who after understanding the symptoms suggest treatment accordingly.

Terrific Treatments at Marari Beach Resort
Dhara: This therapy takes away all your mental tension by healing you with essential herbal oils. A mixture of these aromatic oils and treated butter milk is poured over forehead and at times all over body as well. It is suggested for disorders like insomnia, mental stress and certain skin problems. Based on different conditions the recommended period for this therapy is 7 to 21 days.

Sirovasthi: Head ailments are treated using Sirovasthi therapy. Special herbal oils are used to anoint the head and cure it for headaches and problems originated from Vatha.

Njavarakizhy: Ayurveda has treatment for all problems and Njavarakizhy is one such remedy for joint pains, arthritic conditions and certain skin diseases. The external application of medicated rice mixture stimulates the perspiration thus bringing out the expected results.

Pizhichil: Known as the King's Treatment, it is a special kind of therapy that combines prosperous oil massage with an extraordinary heat treatment. It is an extremely revitalizing treatment that boosts muscular tone and rejuvenates the entire nervous system. Based on different conditions the recommended period for this therapy is 7 to 21 days.

Udvarthanam: A gentle massage of delicately grounded Ayurvedic herbs and mystical sandalwood powder mixed with rich Ayurvedic oils over your skin is definitely an all time therapy. It stimulates the energy gush in body, detoxifies and nourishes blood tissues, triggers the natural metabolism of skin and enhances the flow of lymph. The suggested period for this therapy is 14 to 28 days in accordance with the condition.
Other treatments that are offered at the Marari Beach Resort are Massage �General and Medicated Steam Bath.

Leela Kempinski - Kovalam

What better place other than an exquisite beach could be ideal to take a break from monotonous daily routine and take benefits from rich Ayurveda therapies? The Leela Kempinski Kovalam Beach, Kerala is one such lush resort located on the beachside of one of the most idyllic Kovalam Beach. Embraced by two wide all-encompassing beaches, Leela is built on a rock-face and offers panoramic view of the golden coastline of Kovalam Beaches. Designed to meet the international standards in terms of services, The Leela Kempinski Kovalam Beach, Kerala is truly a haven for travelers.

Luxurious Features of the Leela Kempinski
Pamper yourself at the resort with immaculate dining and leisure options. Its 182 guest rooms along with suites are sure to provide you a complimentary view of the sea and the sun. Garden View Pavilion Room, Beach View Superior Room, Beach View Deluxe Room, Club Room, Club Suite and Duplex Suite are the various categories you can opt for accommodation. Divya, an authentic Ayurveda Wellness Spa at The Leela Kempinski Kovalam Beach, Kerala offers age old Indian Ayurveda blended with modern treatments to revitalize your body and mind. It possesses eight treatment rooms spread over 8000 sq. ft. where experienced hands practice hard to meet the perfection.

The Magic of Ayurveda at Divya
Imbibe the spirit of rejuvenation by immersing yourself into the art of Ayurveda at the resorts well equipped treatment rooms where state-of-the-art facilities are amalgamated perfectly with age-old wisdom to bestow you treatments for a swarm of ailments.

Ayurveda Spa Therapies at Divya

Abhyangasnana Synchronized Massage: It is one of those Ayurvedic treatments, which is regarded as an integral part of the daily practice. The body is awakened by a gentle massage with medicated herbal oils done by two practitioners in a synchronized manner. It's a 60 minute long therapy that cures for insomnia and certain skin diseases. Head, Neck, shoulder & Back Massage: A simple stress buster therapy recommended after a long journey as it involves an Ayurveda massage solitary for upper part of the body. It takes away the pressure and stress of the neck and back. It is a 30 minutes therapy.

Chavutti Thirummu: This 60 minute's therapy stimulates the blood circulation and revitalizes the nerve endings by applying pressure at the certain points on body (pressure points). As a part of this massage changeable degree of pressures are applied with the toes or the feet whilst holding against a suspended rope for support by lone therapists.

Kalari Massage: This Ayurvedic massage therapy draws resemblance from Chavutti Thirummu with the only difference being that here two therapists are involved in the treatment instead of one who hold the suspended rope for support while applying pressure. It relaxes the body and oozes out the toxins from it leaving it fresh and pure.

The Ayurveda Distress Program: This program is recommended for those suffering from jet leg. In this therapy the whole body is relaxed by providing a massage with essential oils for 30 minutes post which a steady strain of oil is dripped over your head while being massaged.

The Ultimate Ayurveda Relaxation: It is a three day program with each day promising 90 minutes of dedicated ayurvedic massages and therapies. On the first day, your body will be scrubbed with a subsequent massage. On the second day massage with herbal oils will be followed by dripping of oil over head. Third day will conclude by double massages firstly with medicated oils and then with Navara Rice.

Other packages offered at Divya, Leela Kimpinski are The Ayurveda De-stress and De-tox Program, Netra sekam, Netra tharpanam, Lepam, Urovasthi (uro-va-sti) etc.

Kairali Ayurvedic Health Resort

Every time we take a break from our droning life we look for a rejuvenating vacation experience that has a tint of everything be it entertainment, rejuvenation or comfort. Kairali Ayurvedic Resort, Palakkad, Kerala, is indeed a resort with a difference. Reflecting the scenic beauty of the Western Ghats, Kairali Resort is spread over 50 acres of verdant land. This resort promises an enchanting experience where travelers can relax in pleasingly ethnic environment, enjoy the benefits of centuries old tradition of Ayurveda and return back home all refreshed and revitalized to meet daily life challenges.

Accommodation and Other facilities at Kairali Ayurvedic Resort
The overall theme of the resort is based on simplicity which is reflected equally in its thematically designed rooms. Its eight Deluxe Villas are equipped with all the essential necessities. Higher categories include maharaja suite, royal villa, and classic villa.
The Ayurveda centre is the USP of this resort as it is striving hard to gain perfection in this affluent practice by offering various treatments to travelers. Thus your stay at Kairali Ayurvedic Resort will revivify your senses enriching the essence of a healthy life!

Ayurvedic Treatments
A highly dedicated and motivated team of practitioners and doctors ensure high quality treatments at the Ayurvedic center of the resort. The medical preparations are done with utmost precautions so that Ayurvedic massages do not lose their effectiveness. Various treatments at the resort are targeted to cure Arthritis, Rheumatic Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Bronchial Diseases, Sinusitis & Migraine, Facial Paralysis, Hypertension, Nervous debility and many more.

Abhyangam: It is recommended by the practitioners as an integral part of day to day life. It is a general massage with herbal oils done by two masseurs standing on either side of the person undergoing massage.

Pizhichil: This therapy is aimed at the rejuvenation of whole body. Gently the medicated oil is applied to the head covering the whole body with the same oil. Subsequently a linen cloth soaked in lukewarm treated oil is squeezed on the body while massaging it continuously.

Sirovasthi: Head ailments are treated using Sirovasthi therapy. Special herbal oils are used to anoint the head and cure it for headaches and problems originated from Vatha.

Dhara: This relaxing therapy is more popularly known as Shirodhara where you are neither asleep nor hypnotized yet are taken into a world of depth. In this age old therapy warm medicated oil is poured from an exclusive vessel placed at a specific height. It retunes the nervous system and soothes the chattering of mind. It is a special stress buster therapy that unfolds to you secrets of a youthful life.
Other recommended treatments at Kairali Ayurvedic Resort are: Navarakizhi, Elakizhi (Patraswedam), Nasyam, Thalapothichil (Head Pack), Tharpanam, Netra Dhara etc.

Other Famous Ayurveda and Spa Resorts in South India are:
Golden Palms Spa & Resort, Bangalore: This verdant resort located over an expanse of 19 acres is designed in a glamorous style of Mediterranean beach resort. 150 luxurious rooms and suites offer a highly lavish stay, world class personalized services and acquaintance with nature. The luxurious Golden Palms Spa offers traditional self-healing therapies accomplished under Ayurveda with the invigorating qualities of water.

Somatheeram Ayurvedic Resort, Kovalam: This resort located amid the natural beauty of Kovalam beaches is a perfect getaway from the chaos of life. Choose a comfortable stay in its traditionally built 50 wood houses that compliment the natural aura of the resort. The Ayurvedic center of the resort is quite famous among local as well as foreign tourists. The rejuvenating and beauty therapies that are offered at the resort will render you with the strength to fight diseases and stay youthful all your life!

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