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eLand Holidays Pvt. Ltd. is India's leading inbound travel company that believes in adding life to the adage'Vacations beyond Imagination'. Headed by professionals with a collective experience of more than two decades in the travel and tourism field, our company comprises of young and energetic team working round the clock to help the visiting tourists.

Discovering destinations where no feet have trodden before is fun for sure; howbeit planning a trip to places you do not know much about can be really infuriating. As a travel company, we endeavor to plan hassle free trips based on the needs of our clients. At eLand Holidays, we go beyond obvious to make your travel experience the most unique one! As many colored threads woven together form the fabric of the present, similarly our efficient staff members unite to form a confident team ready to face the complexities of tourism industry. India, an enigmatic country, attracts lot of tourists from all over the world. At eLand Holidays we come up with opportunities that are immense and never-ending. Get to know the "unusual" side of "usual" destinations. With sole purpose of raising the standard of tourism in India, we have evolved as a serious player in travel industry. India has all that under the sun to attract an ardent traveler and eLand Holidays has all that under one roof to satisfy the needs of a vehement traveler! Over the years, we have attained a state of reliability which is an outcome of the satisfaction of our clients. Quick and instant responses to any demands of travelers have raised our service standards much above the existing competition. Also, availability of a countrywide network of acquaintances helps our organization to deliver all the promises round the year.

Specialized in Travel and Destination Management, we offer a wide range of services to the travelers. Itineraries that we offer are designed by highly experienced and dedicated, multilingual professional from the trade. From personalized assistance to value for time and money, at eLand Holidays you get it all. Every traveler has a surreal holiday imagination to which we add colors of reaIndia is bestowed with unique charm echoed by its deep rooted cultural heritage. The more you invest your endeavor in unveiling its affluent culture and heritage, the more amusing it becomes. Known around the world for its rich legacy, it is a land of natural beauty and sovereignty. Like roots of a tree, culture of India has a vast reach. North, South, East or West, every region has characteristics of its own which if dig deeper may have analogous origin.

The cultural heritage of India traverses much beyond the art and architecture that is prominent today. It is the perfect incarnation of all exquisite things that come together and is noticed by the world. It owes credit to many invaders who brought along with them foreign cultures that influenced the traditional forms of art and culture giving birth to innovative art forms. There are several customs, rituals and art forms native to India, but strength of Indian culture lies in its diversity. Tourists come to this wonderful land with great expectations and not for once they have gone back disappointed. Treasure of Indian heritage resides in its age old monuments, indigenous art forms, festivities and religions. Culture and heritage tour packages take you into a world where everything seems naive, even if you have heard of it before, the breathing encounter with these elements of Indian culture will subdue your senses.

Culture and Heritage tour package includes visit to historical places like forts, palaces, temples, museums, introduction with art and culture of related places, attending various fairs and festivities and all that to make you fall
It will be our utmost endeavor to provide you with the journey and destination; you have always imagined yourself to be in but never had the opportunity to believe in its existence.

Come live your dreams with us.....


We, in India are headquartered at New Delhi and have further own / associate offices within the span India.

Internationally, we are present in United Kingdom and Malaysia

In order to be able to meet the high standards and goals set by the Total Quality Management we need a high-tech infrastructure. Computers, telecommunication technologies, Internet access, everyday use of e-mail and all the necessary technical knowledge have been adopted by our company. Our websites are updated on daily basis with new ideas and proposals and is considered one of the most dynamic travel websites in our country. It uses all latest social networking technologies enable the easy participation of visitors in every aspect of the information provided.

Call us at +91-8285034865 OR mail us at info@elandholidays.com

IndiaTourOperator News Gallery

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2. India Tours Operator Presents the Top Travel Trends In 2014
New Delhi, India, December 21, 2013: The globe's most stable luxury travel agency, with a bequest of many years, steadily has its finger on the beat of international travel and a channel of evolving trends. Every year the brand presents their projection of the tourism trends to lookout for the upcoming year. With a great team of professional Destination Managers continually on-the-ground crosswise the sphere, India Tours Operator is capable of delivering elite insider access to build the perfect experiences that present day's travelers are looking for.

"2014 is a mainly thrilling year as it signified the widest range of trends we have ever perceived," said The Director of the Company. "Without any doubt, there is exponential progression in travelers pushing beyond what would have been deliberated exclusive just a few years ago - bringing the essence 'we only live once' to the way we would like to involve with Indian cultures"

Fiesta Travel: Once deliberated a time to evade visiting a destination, fiestas are now observed as an infrequent break for travelers to genuinely plunge themselves into a country's culture. Travelers can rejoice together with the passionate native people and truly imbibe the local taste and soul. With this top India Tour Operator you are facilitated access to participate in the authentic rites of these celebrations instead of just seeing from the pastimes.

"Short Term, Great Vintage" Ultimate Experiences: For many people, having sufficient time is the only difficulty keeping them from several most exciting experiences in the sphere. These days, with the mounting plea for trips that are short in extent but stretched on experience, India Tours Operator, a leading travel agent in India facilitates time-constrained travelers with the prospect to visit these destinations but deprived of the wide travel time.

Worth Driven Amenity - For quite a lot of clients, the need to discover unexplored lands, meet native people, and truly plunge in new beliefs, exceeds their requirement for high-end amenity. No doubt, many individuals are eyeing to have these experiences with compatible travelers. Small attended group travel remains to flourish as an inexpensive choice for explorers, who are eyeing to sightsee deep into striking destinations together with family and friends. "The focal point of India Tours Operator has always been on modified, off-the-beaten-path trips and the roster of certain sighting group trips."

The Adventure Pail List: At present, there is a new-fangled attitude to pail lists that entails contests, exploration, beliefs and unusual travel aims. These pail lists are being reinvented and redefined, making them extra prevalent than ever for individuals and adventure explorers alike. Tourists are creating a list of striking destinations they would like to experience together.

About India Tours Operator:
India Tours Operator is India's one of the leading travel agencies that rely on adding thrill into your trips. The experienced specialists work on around-the-clock bases to help the visiting tourists. To learn more about 2014 travel trends you can visit at http://www.indiatoursoperator.com.